Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Intellectual Property and Technology Litigations
Parker & Parker Co. LLP’s Intellectual Property Litigation Team provides a full range of litigation services related to patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and other related areas of intellectual property law.

We represent individuals and businesses of all kinds, including biotechnology and high technology companies in the computer, semiconductor, software, electronics, medical, retail, entertainment, manufacturing and service industries.

Our goal is to help clients carefully plan for and obtain intellectual property protection to exploit their intellectual property through commercial agreements, and to aggressively prosecute and defend our client’s rights in cases of infringement or misappropriation disputes.


Our patent trial attorneys have extensive experience in patent litigation should our clients be sued, or should they need to protect or assert their patents through litigation or in the Indian Patent & Trademark Office. Our trial teams have represented clients in dozens of jurisdictions across the country and before the International Trade Commission. Parker & Parker Co. LLP also has foreign associates worldwide to assist in international protection.


Our intellectual property trial attorneys handle all types of copyright infringement disputes. We have extensive experience handling copyright infringement disputes in areas as varied as software, literature, entertainment, and graphic design.

Trademarks, Service Marks, Trade Dress, Domain Names

Our skilled trial attorneys represent clients in all phases of trademark litigation, including obtaining or defending against temporary restraining orders (TROs) and preliminary injunctions. Our trial teams represent clients in Federal and state courts, before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and before the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN the organization responsible for resolution of domain name disputes.) Parker & Parker Co. LLP has foreign associates worldwide to assist in international litigation.


We counsel clients on a wide range of technology and intellectual property matters that implicate criminal laws. Our expertise covers every stage of criminal proceedings, from advice regarding compliance programs and representation during investigative stages, including Grand Jury proceedings, to trial and appeal. Our expertise is drawn from former prosecutors with significant federal and state experience.

This is only a summary of Parker & Parker Co. LLP’s legal services for intellectual property and technology litigation matters. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions regarding our experience in, and qualifications for, specific matters.

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