Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Copyright Services
Innovative IP solutions to the challenges of emerging technologies

New technologies have radically increased the speed of distribution of protected materials and forever altered the boundaries of traditional copyright law. With the click of a mouse, a thousand-page book can be transmitted around the world within seconds, and a copyrighted work can be posted on a website for millions to see, copy, and download to their very own PC. Not only have the media changed but the works needing protection have changed just as dramatically. Now databases, computer programs, and even the designs of semiconductor chips require special IP protection.

As science and the marketplace have evolved, we have expanded our copyright practice in response. The scope of what we protect covers computer programs, databases, audio recordings, film and video productions, and technical and architectural designs as well as books, music, and motion pictures. We assist our clients with registering copyrights, expediting applications, recording documents, performing title searches, and proceeding in all phases of litigation. Frequently we render opinions on copyrightability, fair use, infringement, ownership and title, estate planning, notice, security interests, foreign protection, and litigation. We also assist clients in drafting and negotiating commercial agreements involving copyrighted works, including licensing, development, and distribution agreements.

We bring special expertise to the field of computer software, where we are adept at evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of copyright and patent protection to determine the most appropriate and durable method of protecting clients' valuable works. We also counsel clients on the protection of mask works (semiconductor chips) and assist them in registering their mask works.

Whether the issue is enforcing clients' copyrights or protecting them from infringement claims, our team can draw upon decades of litigation experience in courts throughout the country. We represent many clients before the Indian Copyright Office and frequently serve as expert witnesses.

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