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TURKPATENT has reduced some of official fees up to 40%

Practice Area: Patent    Country: Turkey    Publish Date: 07-Sep-2018

Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TURKPATENT) reduced some official fees up to 40%. New fees were published on September 05, 2018 in the Turkish Official fees.

The discount covers patent filing fee, patent registration fee, assignment fee, 1 to 10 years patent annuities, trademark filing fee, trademark registration, trademark renewal fee, design filing fee, design renewal fee.

The discount decision has come forward due to extreme depreciation of Turkish lira. The Turkish lira fell up to 20% versus the dollar last month after President Donald Trump said he would double the rates of tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminum.

Reducing the official fees on patents, trademarks and designs, TURKPATENT aims to support the enterprises in their search for protecting their inventions and brands as well as maintaining their registered ones.

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