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The Best Solution to Protect the Trademarks in All Parts of Iraq

Posted by: Delta Legal Consultations Co. Ltd.
Practice Area: Trademark    Country: Iraq    Publish Date: 17-Apr-2019

Please be noted that Iraq is divided into two trademark jurisdictions: the main in Baghdad – Iraq, and second in Erbil (Kurdistan region).


 Iraq – Baghdad

  The protection of trademark that registered in Iraq-Baghdad includes all provinces of Iraq except the provinces of Kurdistan region.




   Kurdistan Region - Erbil

    The trademark office in Kurdistan Region had been established in Sep.2009, this office responsible for registration and protection of the trademarks in Kurdistan Region area only, which include three provinces (Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, and Duhuk) which is an autonomous region of northern Iraq.


 The best solution

At first the applicant  should registered his trademark in Baghdad- Iraq , after issuance the certificate of registration, if he wants to protect his trademark in Kurdistan region he can  preserve his rights into the Trademark Office in Kurdistan by an official notice issued & replica certificate of registration by the Trademark Office in Baghdad confirming that the mark has been registered and accordingly Trademark Office in Kurdistan after filing search application & acceptance the application will Issue an official notice of approval of trademark registration in Kurdistan region.



The reasons

1. In this procedure, the protection includes all parts of Iraq, with lower costs.

2. In order to the registration of trademark in Kurdistan – Erbil The trademark must not be registered and/or applied to be registered previously in Trademarks Office in Baghdad. And the local agent must submit an undertaking notarized by the Notary Public, behalf on the applicant that the trademark has not been registered and/or applied to be registered previously in Trademarks Department in Baghdad.

2- The requirements, the official fees & charges in the Kurdistan region are higher than in Iraq- Baghdad.


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