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The Iraqi Trademarks Office will automate the registration of trademarks procedures by (IPS) in 2020

Posted by: Delta Legal Consultations Co. Ltd.
Practice Area: Trademark    Country: Iraq    Publish Date: 21-Jun-2019

The IraqiTrademarks announced on June 18,2019 that the Department of IndustrialOrganization and Development has started implementing the project of developingand implementing the registration of trademarks, The Director General of theDepartment of Organization and Industrial Development Mr. Alaa Musa Ali said ina statement "It was completed 70% of the infrastructure and suppliesrequired for the project were completed in preparation for the pilot operationof ( IPS), the trademark registration system in accordance with therequirements of the WIPO Intellectual Property Organization.

"Thissystem will automate the process of registering, archiving and organizing the trademarks,which will contribute to reducing the paper administrative procedures currentlyin place and organizing the process of following up, auditing and registeringthe trademarks and facilitating and facilitating the procedures for theemployees and beneficiaries and reflecting this positively and significantly onthe efficiency, accuracy and speed of completion of the work. "He said.

He explainedthat "work and efforts are continuing to complete the infrastructure andall the requirements of the project and start the pilot operation within aperiod not exceeding six months to move to the stages of subsequent developmentto reach the level of developed countries in this area through the registrationof the trademarks through the Internet (ON LINE), which will allow thebeneficiary of the application to register the trademark electronically withoutthe need for personal review and payment of electronic fees through the creditcard, to become a process of registration of the trademark through the systemFully electronic, It looks forward to implementing this system in practice andmaking it a reality in just one year," he said.


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