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Protect Your Industrial Design with Legal Frameworks

For any modern economy, it is vital to protect industrial design which is one of the intellectual property rights (IPR). A lot of resources, time, and efforts go into crafting the right design that helps one to stand out in the marketplace with unique features, USPs, and one of its kind of designs that appeals to the consumers to make the purchase decision. Hence, this gives the owner of the design a competitive edge over the competitors and helps one to make a profit. Other than the monetary advantages, the protection of industrial designs is also significant as they help the company build its unique reputation in the market and thereby help create a brand, sell more products and even increase the share price of the company.

Design Services

  • Design searches locally and internationally
  • Filing and prosecuting Design applications before the Indian Designs Office
  • Filing and prosecuting Design applications in foreign countries in association with our foreign associates
  • Design Journal watch services
  • Post-registration services
  • Renewals
  • Portfolio Management

Design related appeal and litigations

  • Oppositions
  • Filing civil suits for infringement before Court of Law.
  • Prosecuting and defending civil suits for infringement before Court of Law.
  • Customs & Border protection for Design
  • Invalidation and / or revocation proceedings at the Appellate Board
  • Appeals at the IPAB and in Courts
  • Anti-counterfeit actions
  • Appeals from orders of the Patent & Design office

Design related Agreements

  • Assignment Agreement
  • Exclusive License Agreement
  • Non-Exclusive License Agreement
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Research and Innovation Development Agreement
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If you aspire to safeguard your unique inventions in accordance with the proper rules and regulations, it is time to collaborate and communicate with each other.

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Industrial Design as per WIPO

According to the World Intellectual Property Rights Organization (WIPO), it is a composition of lines and colors or any three-dimensional form, which leaves a unique impression on a product. They maintain the essence of the ornamental or aesthetic aspect of a useful article, which usually appeals to sight and touch senses, and can be reproduced in significant quantities.

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Our Services

Parker & Parker Co. LLP provides a full range of services to assist clients in developing and implementing strategic Intellectual capital programs based upon utilization, and enforcement of Design/ Industrial Design which complement their business strategies. We are particularly experienced in obtaining Design protection.

Our patent attorneys counsel clients on the availability of design protection and then prosecute appropriate design applications. Our Patent attorneys have extensive experience in design litigation should our clients be sued, or should they need to protect or assert their designs/ industrial design through litigation or in the India Patent Office.

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We believe in participating in national and international events that helps us enhance our knowledge base and connect with people from diverse backgrounds. At Parker & Parker Co. LLP, we have expanded our network in each field of intellectual property law to give our clients the best that they deserve.

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