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Regulator enforces against Piracy, Counterfeiting

Practice Area: Trademark    Country: Uganda    Publish Date: 15-Aug-2019

IPEnforcement Unit


The Intellectual Property Regulator in Ugandahas actively part of the government initiative to improve ease of doing business.Part of this mandate is the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Working with the various security agenciesin Uganda, an Enforcement Unit has been set up to combat piracy, counterfeits.

In practice, after a complaint, theenforcement unit would seize samples of goods or materials for furtherexamination. The staff at the regulator have undergone training to enforce thelaw.

Ugandan law stipulates various offences andprohibits counterfeiting. Some of these offences include: Selling goods withfalse marks, forging trademarks, falsely representing a trademark asregistered.

Complaints can be received from Individualsor Companies. Proof will be required of ownership or some legal interest. Thesecomplaints can be received through agents in Uganda like: Lawyers, individualswith powers of attorney.

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