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If you are a law graduate passionate about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Corporate Law, then apply for the internship with us to get groomed with the best experts in the industry. Our team boasts of the best lawyers and consultants that will help you gain adequate skills and knowledge about different sectors of IPR and Corporate Law.

Before you set your foot in the market, an internship at Parker and Parker will prove to be a fruitful experience in helping you become proficient in various law subjects, an expert in dealing with various issues, and develop a strategic mindset regarding various areas of intellectual property rights.

If you perform with your full efficiency and assist our team with dedication, Parker and Parker will full-heartedly open the doors of employment for you. Apply for an internship with us and begin your successful career in law.

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    We believe in participating in national and international events that helps us enhance our knowledge base and connect with people from diverse backgrounds. At Parker & Parker Co. LLP, we have expanded our network in each field of intellectual property law to give our clients the best that they deserve.

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