IP Awareness & training

IP Awareness & training

You know the value of your creations, we help you build its worth.

Intellectual property rights aren’t just something to be exercised as a damage control method when you’re being sued. Having a basic understanding of the law and the world of IPR can significantly impact your business.

At Parker & Parker, we believe that your innovative creations are an evidence of your extraordinary prowess. With our legal expertise and technical proficiency, we can help you find ways to better commercialize your ideas and protect their future with a strong legal foundation so that your inventions can become the ladder to your success.

Starting with conducting seminars for associations like FICCI, CII, ISHRE, SSIP & Ihub of Gujarat Government, we have diversified into customizing IP workshops for businesses. Our objective through these workshops is to create awareness about the IPR Law

Understand your legal rights and make the most out of your Intellectual Property

We customise training modules for teams of various sizes in small businesses, private companies, multinational corporations as well as for various domains like associations, corporate houses, chamber of commerce and educational institutes.

Our workshops cover a range of topics from basic introductory knowledge for beginners to advance IPR technical know-hows for top management teams.

Some aspects covered in our seminars include:

  • Basics of IP and setting up a foundation for IP Cell for small businesses
  • Seminars on IP Portfolio creation and Strategy
  • Advanced seminars for in-house counsel & lawyers
  • Marketing team seminars on brand building
  • Seminars to understand IP valuation & licensing
  • Workshops on commercializing Intellectual Property
  • Understanding of IP protection for Universities & Educational Institutions

We Connect To Collaborate

We believe in participating in national and international events that helps us enhance our knowledge base and connect with people from diverse backgrounds. At Parker & Parker Co. LLP, we have expanded our network in each field of intellectual property law to give our clients the best that they deserve.

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