Colour Trademark In India: Everything You Must Know

Colour Trademark In India: Everything You Must Know

February 20, 2024 By Nirmala Kuntamal

In the dynamic world of trademarks, where logos and symbols are pivotal for brand recognition, the emergence of colour trademarks is gaining traction. India, a burgeoning hub for diverse industries, witnesses a surge in utilizing colour as a distinctive branding element.

This blog explores the essentials of colour trademark law in India, shedding light on their significance, the registration process, and the challenges associated with safeguarding these unique brand identifiers.

Understanding colour Trademarks

Trademarks, in the intellectual property landscape, serve as distinctive symbols aiding consumers in identifying products or services with a specific brand. While traditional trademarks are linked to words, logos, or a blend of both, colour trademarks seek protection for specific colours or combinations associated with a brand.

Significance of colour in Branding

Colours hold the power to evoke emotions, convey messages, and create lasting impressions. In branding, colours often become synonymous with a company's values and identity. Consider the unmistakable red of Coca-Cola or the vibrant yellow of McDonald's – these colours play a pivotal role in shaping consumer perceptions and fostering brand loyalty.

The Colour Trademark Registration Process in India

Registering a colour trademark in India demands a thorough and strategic approach. Let's delve into the key steps:


The chosen colour must be distinctive, setting the brand apart from competitors.


Provide a clear description of the colour or combination, serving as a reference for the examiner.

Graphic Representation

Colours need graphical representation, be it through Pantone codes or detailed written descriptions.

Use in Commerce

Demonstrate the actual use of the colour in commerce through packaging, displays, or marketing materials.

Distinctiveness Acquired by Use

In cases of non-inherent distinctiveness, showcase the colour's association with the brand through extensive market use.

Challenges in Colour Trademark Registration

While colour trademarks offer new avenues for brand expression, challenges persist:

1. Subjectivity

Determining colour distinctiveness can be subjective, leading to potential disputes.

2. Enforcement

Enforcing colour trademarks is challenging, especially when similarity is based on hard-to-differentiate shades.

3. Limited Scope

Colour trademarks may have a more restricted scope compared to traditional trademarks, facing arguments that certain colours are essential in an industry.

Successful Examples of Colour Trademarks

Two prominent examples highlight the success of colour trademarks:

1. Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Company registered their red colour, a blend of three different shades of red.

2. Cadbury

In 1914, Cadbury introduced a distinctive purple colour packaging for their chocolate bars as a tribute to Queen Victoria.

As India's business landscape evolves, the importance of unique brand identifiers like types of colour trademarks becomes increasingly apparent. Despite the challenges, the potential benefits in brand recognition and consumer loyalty make the journey of obtaining and protecting colour trademarks worthwhile. In a competitive market, the strategic use of colour as a trademark stands as a powerful tool for shaping and preserving a brand's identity. As visual elements leave a lasting impression, the significance of colour trademarks is set to grow, offering diverse possibilities for innovative and forward-thinking brands.

In conclusion, the world of colour marks is a fascinating exploration into the realm of brand identity. From iconic hues associated with renowned brands to the strategic registration of specific shades, colours play a pivotal role in shaping consumer perceptions and fostering brand loyalty.

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